1809-1810 Mientras llega el día (1809-1810 As the day Arrives)

AUG 22

1809-1810 Mientras llega el día (1809-1810 As the day Arrives)

The Australian National Centre for Latin American Studies and the Embassy of Ecuador present the third film in a series of film adaptations of  Ecuadorian literature directed by film-maker Camilo Luzuriaga:

1809-1810 Mientras llega el día (1809-1810 As the day Arrives)

6:30pm Thursday 22 August
Manning Clark Centre, Theatre 2, ANU

In the film adaptation of a book written by Juan Valdano, historical events are presented from 10 August 1809 to 2 August 1810, when the first attempts to achieve independence from the Spanish crown took place. These events are interwoven with the love story between Judit, her imprisioned husband, the librarian of Quito, and Colonel Arredondo, the commander of the invading troops sent by the Viceroy in Lima to crush the insurrection.Viewers are taken to the city of Quito of that era with strict accuracy and concordance. The small city of 30,000 inhabitants, rupicolous and religious, takes a quotidian, fond and demystifying look at historical figures, and delves deeply into the tragic sense of the events of the time.

About the book:
The novel made imaginary stories come to life through the public events of the time. Director Camilo Luzuriaga adds his own touch to the stories – giving form to his version of Juan Valdano’s characters. Luzuriaga reinstates the original names of historical characters,  and adds news characters jointly created with the co-scriptwriter, such as the madman Manchego, and the painter, Judit’s father.

About the Director:
Camilo Luzuriaga was born in Loja, Ecuador, in 1953. Films directed by Camilo include, “1809-1810 Mientras llega el día” (1809-1810 As the day Arrives), released in 2004, “Cross or Face,” released in 2003, “Entre Marx y una Mujer Desnuda (Between Marx and a Naked Woman), released in 1996, and “La Tigra” (The Tigress) released in 1990, winning the prize for best film at the Cartagena Film Festival.

Winner of several awards, including the “National Arts Award Juan León Mera” in 2006, “Hispanic Heritage Award” Festival of Miami in 2005, the Coral Award for Best Art Direction at the Havana Film Festival 1996 , Best Screenplay and Best Original Score at the Festival of Trieste in 1996, best film at the Latin American Film Festival 1990 Cartagena, Best Cinematography and Best Soundtrack at the Bogota Film Festival 1990, Best Educational Film in the Film Festival Latinoamericano de La Habana, 1984, second prize at the International Film Festival of Indigenous Peoples in Rio de Janeiro in 1984, first prize in children’s film festival in Tampere-Finland In 1982, second prize at the Ecuadorian Film Festival 1981and first prize in super-8 in the National Short Film Competition 1977.

The showing of the film (100 minutes) will be followed by light food and beverages through the kind support of the Embassy of Ecuador.

The film is in Spanish with English subtitles.  Admission is free. No RSVP required.

This movie is recommended for viewers 18 years and over.