AILASA 2014 conference

OCT 31

AILASA 2014 conference

Conference Theme: Voicing Dissent

Date: 2nd – 4th July, 2014

Venue: The University of Sydney, Australia

Conference Website:  AILASA 2014

In the past few decades, in Iberian and Latin American Studies there has been a growth of academic interest in the challenges posed to the status quo by a plethora of social actors. From committed individual voices in the arts, cinema and literature, to collective forms of urban and rural resistance such as social and indigenous movements, Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula have witnessed an increase in the presence of dissenting voices.

Parallel to this phenomenon, the demands that grew from these forms of resistance, often originating “from below” have become part of significant reforms carried out by nation-states. Some of these top-down reforms have been led by people such as Evo Morales in Bolivia and Cristina Kirchner in Argentina, to mention just two examples, with the effect of unsettling traditional perspectives on identity politics, citizenship, and the relationship between politics and culture.

AILASA 2014 aims to track why and how debates around dissent from below have gained prominence in our various area studies. In addition, we are interested in the methodological and ideological implications that such theoretical perspectives might have.  To this end, we invite scholars from the humanities, social sciences, arts and media to submit 200 word abstracts for individual presentations (20 minutes). Panel proposals are also very welcome. Time allotted per panel will be 90 minutes and proposals should specify the names of speakers and the chair where possible as well as include a brief abstract (200 words) per paper.

In all cases, papers should be in English, Portuguese or Spanish, and should address either through theoretical or case studies discussion on the following themes within Latin America, Spain and Portugal:

–       Epistemologies of dissent

–       Dissent, cultures, and languages

–       Ethics, power, and knowledge: conceptualising dissent

–       Gender identities and dissent

–       Sexualities and dissent

–       Borders and dissent

–       The South-South axis

–       Dissent in drama and performativity

–       Revolutionary and radical movements

–       Social movements

–       Indigenous movements

–       Histories of dissent

–       Communities and dissent

–       Dissent, new technologies and the cyberdissenter

–       Philosophical genealogies of dissent

–       Writing, filmmaking, artistic expression as voices of resistance

–       Dissent, pedagogy and academic discourse

–       The humorist as dissenter

–       Trade unions and trade unionism

–       Community Demands, reforms and the nation-states

–       The criminalisation/policing of dissent

–       Environmentalism as a form of dissent

–        Historic Memory and its connection with dissent

–        Dissenting memories

–        Dissent in Media and Journalism

Send individual abstracts, together with your name, title, affiliated institution, contact information and a short biography as an email attachment (Word document, preferably) by 28th January 2014 to


Selected papers will be published as a conference collection.

Participants are encouraged to apply for financial support in their own institutions and we will be happy to provide documentation that might help to secure it.

For conference costs and method of payment please see the conference website.