JILAR Style Guide

Guide for Contributors to the Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research (JILAR)

Submitting your work for publication

We accept original articles in English, Spanish, or Portuguese. We do not accept material that has been previously published, in whole or in part. Citations from the author’s previously published works should be referenced according to reference guidelines below.
Authors undertake to present properly referenced materials, in accordance with this style guide. They will be consistent in their use of language, styles and references. Avoid the use of the first person pronoun unless you actually had something to do with the events under consideration. The work will be written in a non-gender exclusive style – his/her not his when the subject is not known. The work shall contain no defamatory articles or material that violates any law. Copyright obligations are the sole responsibility of the author.

Page format
Submit articles in Word (for Macintosh or PC), with 2.54 cm. margins (top, bottom, left and right). Use Times New Roman font, pt. 12. Use double space throughout, including footnotes and inset paragraphs. Use Endnotes. There is no need to include a bibliography.

Word limit
Minimum of 6,000 and maximum of 8,000 words.

Abstracts should not exceed 150 words. Please provide a translation in English when the abstract is written in Spanish or Portuguese. Note that an abstract is not a substitute for an introductory paragraph to the article. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a means of making your article more visible to anyone who might be looking for it. Please consult our guidance here.

You may find and download our full style guide here:

Guide for Contributors to the Journal of Iberian and Latin American Research